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The popular djembe drum has spread its beats over the whole globe. It is the drum enthusiasts first choice and increasingly schools are buying this versatile drum for their music classes.

Rhythm Fix offer three sizes of drum to suit everyone from young children, to young adult and mature adult. The small to medium drums are made in Bali to an African design and are sourced from sustainable timbers.

The Adult pro djembes are hand carved from new-growth, non-endangered West African plantations. We support local Wet African carvers and designers and use Australian feral goat skins.

Drum Care: Avoid hot confined space for longer periods & moisture on the skin.

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Drums for Sale:

Drum Drum Head Suitable For Size Price
Small Djembe Goat Hide Child / Primary School Children 50cm tall x 25 cm diamater
Small Djembe (BULK) Goat Hide Child / Primary School Children 50cm tall x 25 cm diamater
Medium Djembe
Goat hide Teen or Beginner 60 cm tall x 30 cm diameter
Medium Djembe
Goat hide Teen or Beginner 60 cm tall x 30 cm diameter
Adult Pro Djembe Feral Goat Adults & Performers 65cm tall x 40cm diameter
Adult Pro Djembe
Feral Goat Adults & Performers 65cm tall x 40cm diameter
Ken Keni Cow Hide All Ages 65cm tall x 26 cm diameter
Sangban Cow hide All Ages 65cm x 33cm diameter

Drum Bags

Large Pro Djembe Bag Backpack Material Adults or Performers fits 65cm tall trums
Djembe Bag African Print Cotton   Large
Djembe Bag (BULK) African Print Cotton   Large

About our Drums

Rhythm Fix Djembes and the Family of Dun Dun Drums are hand carved in Mahogany wood from Bali. This is a hardwood similar to Australian Spotted or Red Gum with a high stress grade of F17 or greater. The hand carved designs are masterful and boast the experience and perfection the Indonesians are world famous for. The skins are goat hide over 5 years old and are chemically fumigated, not gamma irradiated. Radiation can result in the skin and ropes becoming thin and brittle reducing their life span. Rhythm Fix recommends drumming enthusiasts not to purchase drums with skins on while overseas as they will be ripped off by customs or sent for damaging gamma irradiation. see skinning.

Along with the djembe, in a traditional ensemble, are the dun duns or bass drums. The Djun Djun or Grandmother drum is the largest and plays the signature pattern of the song. The Sangban is the father drum of medium size and plays more complex patterns that match the dancer and lead djembe player and the Kenkeni or child drum is the smallest and it plays repetitive smaller cycle patterns often with muted hits.

The djembe bags we sell are a large size made from back pack material with reinforced shoulder straps and rubber base patches, carry handle, front and top zips. They come in dark green, dark blue, maroon, brown and black.

Hiring Drums

You can hire drums from us for specific events and needs at $5 per drum for the day or weekend. A $50 refundable deposit is needed.

"Martin,I picked up my drum yesterday .. just wanted to let you know that
I'm delighted with the repair .. better than new I would think

-Helen, satisfied customer


Skinning a drum is not an easy task is time consuming, labour intensive and is quite a craft.  Many people who return from Bali with a Djembe have the skins removed by Customs when they return to Perth. If this happened to you, contact me today about reskinning your drum!

The old skin and rope has to be taken off, then old knots retightened and possibly new ropes bought. Skin is then cut, clipped of hair, threaded with string around the edge and soaked in water overnight. Then it is stretched over a cloth wrapped ring and placed on the drum. The up and down ropes are threaded through and tightened. The skin is then pulled down over the rim and is then locked into place.

Skinning workshops and tuning

Rhythm Fix can run drum skinning workshops usually over a weekend where we provide the skins and tools to skin your groups drums.

We also provide tightening services to schools where we come out to you and make sure yours drums are singing just right. Having flat djembes gives no impression of the sound of the drum and makes it harder to acheive the three basic hits of slap, tone and bass possibly even leading to damaged hands.

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