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mental health disabilities special needs

New to Rhythm Fix...

full moon drumming and dance fremantle

Our latest venture is 'Primal Drumdance'. Two combined classes back to back.

children workshop drumming dancing

Primal Drumdance can be booked now as a school incursion.

# Recently Rhythm Fix has been very active in school classes like our weekly lessons at the Kerry Street Community School in Hamilton Hill and through the Song Room at Tranby and Challis PS.

# We also run weekly drum circles for people who are discovering their abilities like at our Jam Fix Freo at the North Freo Bowling Club venue with Rocky Bay and Intework groups, Burbridge School in Koondoola, Jam Fix North at the Dryandra Community Centre and Activ-Minbilup House in East Victoria Park.

see disabilities page

mental health disabilities special needs

# We can also come out to you at your house for celebrations,

birthdays, gatherings doe's and buck's parties

if you can organise a minimum of 10 participants at $20 each.

see community page

mental health disabilities special needs


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'find school workshops.com'

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baajo teacher ago djembe

Ago teaching drums.

Rhythm Fix wants to create a more rhythmically aware culture because drumming together strengthens our community. We may meet for the first time but as we play together, we give ourselves a rhythmical massage, an emotional release and a healing. As membraneous amplifyers the drums acoustic vibration effects us all.

We can provide you with skilled drumming and dance workshops, unifying drum circles, passionate facilitators, energising world music performances, street acts and Djs, interactive school incursions, ongoing drum and dance classes and we can also skin, tune and repair your broken drums.

But why drum?

Firstly, its just really good fun!

You are walking down the street past some busking bongo player and your hand spontaneously feels drawn to hit the skin, you can’t walk past without having a bash on the drum.

Most of us have this probably deep ancestral memory of the drums significance and importance to us and our community. Although historically repressed in us westerners (precisely because of its power to liberate and bond community) this need for rhythmic expression is now resurfacing in old and new forms all over the globe.

The richness and wealth of a Country is in the culture, the music and art of the people.


Apart from the obvious cardio workout, drumming provides health benefits which are now starting to be officially recognised with recent studies with beginners proving drumming together increases the T-cell count in the blood stream which helps in the fight against cancer and disease. Drummers have been found to easily enter alpha brainwave states.

mental health disabilities special needs

'As a drum facilitator and psychotherapist, I have personally witnessed the power of the drum to relax the tense, energize the tired, and heal the emotionally wounded. I have also observed the hand drum's extraordinary and consistent ability to create states of euphoria, induce light trance, promote play, release anger and promote feelings of community and unity'. Dr Robert Lawrence Friedman

mental health disabilities special needs

We drum for fun and fitness, a sense of community, an introduction to rhythm and percussion technique, for musical expression, stress-reduction and wellness and for an experience of unity.

The spirit and magic of rhythm expressed on drums and percussion instruments cuts through all ages, sexes, religions, races, language and cultures.

 "Rhythm", as Gabriel Roth says, "is the mother tongue." Rhythm is a universal language known to every one, even the youngest child, if we can just "remember." So in a very objective, yet beautiful way, an interactive rhythm event puts us all on an equal footing with each other and brings us closer together. The facilitator serves this process by guiding the participants to their highest musical potential. Facilitate means ‘to make easy’.

A community drum circle or workshop is created, "in the moment" by all the people who participate. Co-operation and collaboration is the basic glue. When we drum together, sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships. As we play together, we give of ourselves and give out a rhythmical massage and an emotional release. The experience is unique to each person in the circle, and it happens whether we are entraining ourselves into the circle by drumming, or standing outside the circle and listening while tapping our feet and clapping along with the music.

Now there are many events around the world where drumming is being used for all kinds of beneficial purposes, like....

Teambuilding for corporations and empowerment building for men’s groups. Spirit building for spiritual growth and personal growth groups. Synergizing and rhythm training for school/kids groups. Stress and anger relief for kids- at-risk groups. Orientation for college campuses and on-going circles for multi-cultural awareness. Family bonding at family night drum circles and community building and market building for music stores.

When the circle works as a team, everyone benefits, because we all hit THE GROOVE, where the energy flows, time stops and we all evaporate....that bliss only occurs when the circle works as a team. Those principles carry over into everyday life.

The Circle

There are many reasons for why a gathering of people in a circle is
powerful. A circle is a shape that is found repeatedly throughout the
natural world, and it is a symbol of perfection. We recreate this
perfect shape when we join others to form a circle. Being in a circle
allows us experience each other as equals. Each person is the same
distance apart from the next participant, and no one is seated higher
than or stands apart from others in a circle. From tribal circles to
the mythical round table of King Arthur, the circle has been the shape
adopted by gatherings throughout history.

The circle is acknowledged as an archetype of wholeness and
integration, with the center of a circle universally understood to
symbolize Spirit - the Source. When a group of people come together in
a circle, they are united. This unity becomes even more powerful when
each person reaches out to touch a neighbor and clasps hands. This
physical connection unites thought and action, mind and body, and
spirit and form in a circle. Because a circle has no beginning and no
end, the agreement to connect in a circle allows energy to circulate
from one person to the next, rather than being dissipated into the

Like a candle used to light another candle, the connection with spirit
that results when one person joins hands with another is greater than
if each person were to stand alone. People who take part in a circle
find that their power increases exponentially while with the group.
Like a drop of water rippling on the surface of a pond, the waves of
energy produced in a circle radiate outward in circular motion. While
one person may act like a single beacon that emanates light, a circle
of people is like a satellite dish that sends out energy. There is
power in numbers, and when the commitment is made by many to face one
another, clasp hands, and focus on one intention, their circle
emanates ripples of energy that can change the world.

We are meeting for the first time.

not for trade or to compete

but to drum away our time as one

making hands into dancing feet


Pics from the

local scene

drum circles fremantle community western australia

NYE 2012/2013 "DIN DINs'

Have some dinner and make some noise! Every year at South Beach 6-9pm

schools performance drums
Martin and Orelia PS kids performing at school concert 2012

south african music perth

Martin and Alastair; Village Vibe duo 2014

acapella women singers

Tendera A'capella women's singing group

samba drummers

african drumming perth

Our friends Beleza School of Samba Freo Festival 08 and 09


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